The passion we have for our work goes back more than 40 years, with our knowledge about woodworking gained within historic artisan workshops.

A knowledge and passion handed down to the present day, with new generations remaining faithful to tradition but having the ability to combine it with innovative tastes and designs.

The company Arredo Service was founded in 1989. The experience and expertise, gained over 30 years of business, allow us to create, entirely made to measure, any furniture or wooden structure: kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, period furniture, bathroom furniture, paneling, stairs, book cases.

The professionalism and experience, developed in collaboration with important architects and key private clients, allow us to guarantee:

  • Advice and assistance during all the phases of production, from design to delivery;
  • Close attention paid to the needs and requirements of the customer;
  • Punctuality and respect for deadlines;
  • Perfection in details;
  • Design and originality;
  • Quality and long-lasting materials;
  • Easy to use products.